The Staff

The OASIS team of professionals is made of specialists in different areas of psychology, psychiatry and nutrition. They will provide and individualize clinical treatment based on effective and empirically validated methods. Our clinical team receives continuous supervision and work together to offer our clients a space of support, tranquility and confidentiality where the priority is their psychological and emotional well-being.

Licenciado en Psicología del desarrollo aplicada (Easter Washington University).

Máster de las artes en psicología (Alliant international University).

Doctorado de psicología en psicología clínica (Alliant international University.

Richard West, PhD

Psicóloga Clínica (PUCE)

Máster en Ciencias del Cerebro y de la Mente (The University of Sidney, Australia.)

Daniela Ziritt, MSc

Clinical psychologist. Treatment with adolescents and adults. Knowledge in psychotherapy
and vocational guidance evaluations. Specialization in mood disorders. Focus on cognitive behavioral treatment.

Gonzálo Villa

Clinical psychologist. Treatment with adolescents and adults. Knowledge about individual
therapy, family therapy couple therapy. Specialization in anxiety disorders, mood disorders.
Focus on cognitive behavioral treatment and treatment based on Emotion Focused Therapy.

Juan Emilio Vinueza

Psicóloga Clínica (USFQ)

Máster en matrimonio y familia Universidad de Navarra (cursando)

Valentina Lucio Paredes

Psicóloga Clínica (USFQ)

Máster en Neuropsicología y educación (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja)(cursando)

María Isabel Karolys C.

Psicóloga Clínica (USFQ)

Máster en psicología general sanitaria (Universidad de Navarra, España) (cursando)

Michelle Arias

Licenciatura en Psicología (USFQ) Máster en Psicoterapia con énfasis en trabajo con niños, adolescentes y familias (Universidad de Palo Alto, California)

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